JK and 5th Grade Teachers Guest Speakers at "Shmear With Scherer"

Our monthly morning with the Principal session, "Shmear with Scherer", formerly "Muffins With Mullin", had some interesting guest speakers this month.  Our JK teacher, Mrs. Marron and our 5th Grade teacher, Miss Precissi spoke to the gathering about Language Arts programs in their respective classes.

Mrs. Marron explained the "Talk With Me, Sing With Me" program which has been implemented in Junior Kindergarten.  The program encompasses values, literature, movement, music and art in teaching JK students.  It's an all encompassing curriculum that makes learning fun and active.

Miss Precissi explained the Wax Museum project which the 5th graders just completed.  This is a cross-curricular project that involves reading, writing, public speaking, creativity and art.  Our St. Raymond 5th Graders transform themselves into famous figures in history, business, sports or entertainment, and invite their parents and the 4th-8th grade students to a “Wax Museum” presentation in the gym. The students choose a biography to read.  They write a book report, and they each come up with a presentation and display representing the subject of their book. Complete with costumes and props, visitors are invited to listen to important facts and background information presented by each student about their chosen celebrity.  Two students joined Ms. Precissi at "Shmear with Scherer" to illustrate the project to the group.

Following the teachers' presentations, the parents in attendance had a chance to ask questions of Mrs. Scherer.  A variety of topics were covered including recess, ChoiceLunch, class schedules, and the Faculty Fun event coming up in December.  The next "Shmear with Scherer" is on the calendar for December 7th at 8:00am.  Don't miss this chance to get the scoop straight from the Principal, and ask questions too! 

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